The 13 Colonies Doodle Notes (+ Backcountry)



Explore the 13 Colonies and the Backcountry with this comprehensive resource that combines engaging Doodle Notes / Guided notes, presentation slide deck, and an evaluation. If you’re searching for a way to deliver top-notch content while keeping your students actively engaged, your search ends here! The presentation deck exactly matches the Guided Notes / Doodle Notes, ensuring that as you guide your students through the material, they can easily fill in their notes to capture key information.

Additionally, the Guided Notes / Doodle Notes have lots of opportunities for doodling, higher level thinking, and memorable interactivity!

What you get:

  • 59 slide presentation Google Slides* deck (No access to Google Drive required; you will be forced to make a copy)
  • 20 slide Guided Notes / Doodle Notes in Google Slides* (perfect for electronic assignments)
  • 20 page PDF Guided Notes / Doodle Notes for students to write on
  • 3 pages PDF “Let’s Recap” to be used as exit tickets, summative evaluation, or checking for understanding
  • PDF Answer Key for Guided Notes / Doodle Notes


This resource package covers the foundational information about the 13 Colonies including hard-to-find materials on the Backcountry. Your students will learn about each region through the presentation slide deck. They will tie together the introductory and background information about backers and sponsors and why people chose to come to North America.

Topics explored:

  • Background
  • New England Colonies (including info about Jamestown and Plymouth)
  • Middle Colonies
  • The Backcountry


To facilitate your presentation, the slide deck information is organized into the THREE COLONIAL REGIONS (New England, Middle, and Southern Colonies) and THE BACKCOUNTRY. It develops the following topics for each region:

  • Reasons for Settling
  • How Governed Selves
  • Geography
  • Climate
  • Resources, Products, Crops
  • Economy/Jobs
  • Interactions With Native People
  • Cities and Challenges


Cornell Note Format:

The student pages are expertly crafted in a Cornell Note format, with the left-hand column reserved for instructions, questions and responses, while the right-hand column provides space for filling in the blank notes as the teacher guides students through the presentation and doodling. Cornell Notes offer numerous advantages for learning, including:

  • Structured Organization: Cornell Notes format provide a clear structure for organized note-taking.
  • Effective Review: The format facilitates efficient review of key points and main ideas.
  • Active Engagement: Students engage actively by summarizing and questioning their notes.
  • Focus on Key Details: Separating main ideas from details helps in understanding and retention.

Doodle Notes:

Additionally, the resource incorporates Guided Notes / Doodle Notes®: a skillful integration of words, images, numbers, and shapes for the purposes of learning. It is an approach that combines traditional methods with visual elements like drawings, diagrams, and icons. Completing 13 Colonies Doodle Notes brings several benefits:

  • Better Retention: Doodle Notes enhance memory by merging visuals with text.
  • Enhanced Understanding: They help students grasp complex concepts through visual representation.
  • Personalization: Students can infuse their notes with colors and patterns, making them uniquely their own.
  • Focus and Engagement: Doodle Notes keep students attentive and engaged during lessons.
  • Simplification: Complex topics are simplified, making them easier to comprehend.
  • Effective Communication: Doodle Notes make it effortless to share and convey ideas to others.
  • Enjoyable Learning: They transform learning into a fun and enjoyable experience, motivating students.
  • Stress Reduction: Doodling can be a relaxing activity that reduces study stress.
  • Long-Term Benefits: Improved understanding and retention pay off in the long run, particularly during exams and for reference.

“Let’s Recap”

The “Let’s Recap” pages are designed to help students consolidate their learning. These pages feature a variety of question types, including cause & effect, fill-in-the-blank, open-ended, multiple choice, fact or opinion, and choose-one questions. While teachers don’t have to use all three pages, they serve as fantastic tools for checking understanding, as exit tickets, or even as a summative assessment.

The best part? There’s virtually no prep work involved other than copying the notes sheet, (unless you prefer to assign it electronically, of course).

Bring The 13 Colonies and the Backcountry to life in the classroom with this engaging, informative resource: 13 Colonies Guided Notes Doodle Notes!


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This download contains files that may be printed and copied or used digitally.

Doodle Notes ® is a trademarked term used with permission. Please visit for more information.

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